Friday, February 24, 2017

Stand Up or Be Put Down by Politically-Motivated Interests

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Some people just don't know the difference between "neutral" and "apathetic."

When you are neutral, you don't take sides. But it doesn't mean you will simply ignore or mind your own business. Evil gets an upper-hand if good men do nothing to stop it.

That would make you apathetic - you don't care about both sides as long as you're not directly affected.

However, we should take note that every action or inaction has repercussions that may eventually hurt us soon.

When you leave out details to make yourself look like you are the underdog, you're not only lying to others but to yourself as well. Remember that you may be able to fool others, but gaining an unfair advantage would not make you sleep soundly at night.

But I would rather pick an apathetic person rather than someone who is so arrogantly feeling very righteous yet has his own skeletons in his closet. That is an attitude that is so abysmal, I could not bear to read all his online tirades.

Yet again there are those who are like a fox in sheep's wool. Looks harmless, but attacks you when no one is looking.

We should care about what happens around us even if we are not personally involved. When it affects the entire nation, we should stand up, let them hear our thoughts, and take action.

I don't get it.

There has been no compelling evidence against Senator Leila De Lima except for testimonies from drug lords and criminals who have everything to gain in exchange for doing it. Being criminals, their credibility is beyond trustworthy. The videos of supposed to be De Lima sex scandals were even fake, and are not even related to the illegal drug activities accused of her.

All the administration did was malign her in the eyes of the public in an effort to brand her as a probable culprit. But on the other hand, those who also speak against President Rodrigo Duterte have incriminated themselves as murderers too by being part of the Davao Death Squad (urban legend or not), making them less credible even if they are saying they had a change of heart and a conscience attack.

Again, all of these are but testimonies, but what we only see is one side getting murdered or "persecuted" by shame campaigns or trial by publicity. We cannot deny that Duterte has taken this issue on a personal matter. His own statements would prove that he is furious with De Lima, and the rest of his detractors like Senator Antonio Trillanes III, Risa Hontiveros, etc. ..and the heads of the system that was supposed to be protecting us are actually the ones who are manipulating, spinning and twisting the law to their own advantage.

This is the first time I've seen a Secretary of Justice who is liable to many mischievous statements. If he can't even understand how justice works, the rest of us are doomed to suffer from this illiteracy.

Many are saying that the arrest is meant to create a chilling effect so that the other critics of the administration will think twice in continuing their onslaught against the President. With how things are going, it may be true since we've seen how baseless and illogical, and personalized, the accusations against De Lima were.

It is without any doubt that Duterte is not a good man. But the people voted for someone like him with the thought that he could probably make a change since we've been voting for supposed to be good men, but they turned out to be hoodlums in reality. So why not vote for a hoodlum instead?

Looking at the situation from both perspectives, it is us who are obviously in the middle of the crossfire. Victims are nothing but collateral damage of politically-motivated interests of a government where corruption is the dominating culture..

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