Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Media: We Break News and Not Hearts

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Sana naging media na lang and lahat ng tao.... dahil we break news and not hearts.

Though, it is heartbreaking to find out that media is again being blamed by no less than somebody who originated from media himself.

Ganun na ba talaga? Kalimutan na lang ba ang nakaraan niya. If he believes media could easily be bribed with "envelopmental ideas" then he could be talking about his previous undertakings, and what he witnessed, and was a part of during his time as a member of media.

It is so sad that we are divided by uncertainty in knowing who among them are telling the truth, and who is spreading "fake news."

I would likely believe the ones who have nothing to gain, and are not accountable to a certain "boss" rather than the ones who have been known to turn a blind eye on matters that desperately seek their attention..or those who downplay issues and twist them to ignore the truth.

Kung bakit kasi mostly "trapo" and the same personalities pa rin ang binoto natin sa gobyerno. Hindi na ba tayo natuto?

The president has arrogantly flaunted how he "kills" to have his way. We have heard his dirty mouth, and have seen how he flashes the dirty finger. But many still opted for him...maybe because the other candidates were equally unfit.

Somebody better would only step up and participate in this election circus if we change our perception of our ideal candidate. Unfortunately, money continues to take the upper hand because we are continuously brainwashed by the grandest display of wealth - celebrity endorsers, elaborate campaigns (online and offline), massive advertisements, etc...which includes the fake news coming from social media masterminded by an obviously well-funded source which only aims to misinform.

However, the same groups which are crying for "No to Destabilization" seems to be the ones who are actually doing the destabilization to keep in power, and find an excuse to declare some sort of Martial Law which could be easily disguised to be beneficial, but would be destructive in truth.

Remember all those huge infrastructures built by a former dictator and his cohorts? They were merely established to hide what they've really been doing under the noses of our fathers and grandfathers. Until now many deaths and disappearances have been left unanswered, and we are experiencing a similar thing with this "Operation Tokhang" aka "War on Drugs."

There are many people coming out with testimonies that are either being scrutinized or downplayed as mere "politically motivated" efforts. Many have been silenced as well at places that were supposed to be secure, and the cries for justice remain on deaf ears. No wonder many who are capable are leaving the country.

History will keep on repeating itself if we don't learn from the past.

Our future is doomed if we keep on making politics a popularity contest.

Unlike a reality competition where the ones who get the largest number of text or audience votes (or the judges) get to win, the real "reality" we live in should not favor those who gets to shine because they have the edge over publicity.

It's time we scrutinize our government officials deeply, and give everyone a fair chance to promote themselves equally and fairly. How to do that? Then that's another story we should all work on. I never said it would be easy.

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