Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Is the President of the Philippines a Murderer?

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"A country where men who put their very lives on the line to speak truth are disregarded as liars, while drug lords turned state witnesses against the president's political opponent, who have every motivation to lie, are given immunity. The lack of curiosity and the instant dismissal of Malacanang is amazing." - Jing Adia

"With the compelling public confession of (SPO3 Arturo) Lascanas, I wonder:

a) How Duts will deny it, and turn the tables against Trillanes

b) How the palace propagandists can spin it as yet another dilawan plot, and what kind of story line they will feed their fanatic supporters so they continue to support this murdering president

c) How Dick will react, after he arrogantly dismissed Matobato's testimony as "fabricated". Will he now reopen the investigation, or dismiss this as well as part of a bigger plot?

d) How his blind supporters can continue to rationalize their rabid support after their idol has been exposed for what he truly is... a MURDERER

e) How Wiguerre will turn it around to blame De Lima.

f) How the Filipino people will react, especially those who have been sitting in the fence.

The truth is out. WE HAVE A PRESIDENT WHO IS A MURDERER." - Vicente Romano III

"The supporters of Rodrigo Duterte would not believe the testimonies and think Lascaño is lying and that this is just part of an elaborate plot to overthrow their "unstable" idol president. Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar pretty said as much, and even accused media being bribed $1,000 each to attend the press conference at the Senate. Senator Antonio Trillanes IV denied giving $1,000 to any of the member of the Senate press corps to cover the press briefing. Journalists covering the Senate fired back at him saying he should stop spreading fake news.

Lascañas earlier denied Matobato’s claim; saying it was nothing but ‘media hype. He also called Matobato a ‘liar’ and defended Duterte from the allegation of extra-judicial killings during the latter’s term as mayor of Davao City. But now he has changed heart that he even recounts how he killed his two brothers" involved in illegal drugs all in loyalty to Duterte and his war on drugs ever since he was Mayor of Davao city.  Unlike the other self-confessed DDS hitman, Edgar Matobato, Lascañas was closer to the long-time Davao City mayor, Senator Leila De Lima said. Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) lawyer Alex Padilla said that Lascañas wanted to go public as a "way of redeeming himself."

Lascañas said he was contacted by Duterte through his right-hand aide to kill Jun Pala, a Davao journalist widely known for his work on exposing corruption of local politicians. Duterte also ordered and paid him and other members of a so-called liquidation squad to kill criminals and opponents, including a kidnapping suspect and his entire family. The group also commissioned the services of so-called rebel returnees from the New People's Army. Lascañas said that President Rodrigo Duterte did not only order them to kill targets of the "Davao Death Squad" but also promised protection from lawsuits.

But Duterte has been telling us that he has killed people. So why are we now shocked? I mean how often must he say so for us to understand that he actually did. We knew that then. I don't know about those 16M who voted for him. Which is worse? If you know he's a murderer but you still voted for him, or you really didn't know but now you have to justify why you voted for him?

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) stayed for 9 years without being overthrown despite of so many corruption scandals that hounded her and she was so damn unpopular. I think the people are already tired of politics that doesn't include them after. Will it be six years of this kind of political atmosphere for the country? I believe the truth has a way of coming out on top. Even the most ardent and blind supporters cannot ignore truth staring on their faces. Something has to give... in due time. In fact, I doubt the 16M voters has held up to that number until now. I still hope though that the people will see Duterte for what he really is, a FAKE.

Unfortunately, politics cannot be explained or predicted by science. It's usually a confluence of events that leads to a tipping point... and then, boom. One thing is sure - divine providence always define the perfect timing. When God moves in mysteriously, nothing is impossible ....Let's pray that this killings, corruptions and lawlessness stop .

I believe we're seeing the beginning of Duts' unraveling. There is just so much that's wrong with this administration that i doubt it will last the 6 years. Truth and righteousness always prevail in the end." - compiled thoughts of netizens

"Together with them, (Edgar Matobato and Lascaranas), whose detailed testimonies now confirm, we cannot think of any reason - not money, not vendetta, not inducements of any kind - that would make the risk to their lives worth it, except at long last a desire to be at peace with their conscience. As these witnesses seek redemption, so too should all Filipinos of goodwill pause, reflect, and judge on the crimes committed - and in whose name they were done. The time is past when our countrymen can avert their eyes from these damning facts."

"It is high time for us to unite, EVIL MEN SUCCEED WHEN GOOD MEN DO NOTHING. shall we allow evil to triumph and rule this nation. I for one will stood for the truth because it will withstand any lies." - John Balucas

"Kung takot kang mamatay, o takot kang pumatay, hindi ka pwedeng mag-presidente." - Rodrigo Duterte

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