Sunday, February 5, 2017

From "Best" to "Babe" to "Break" Real Quick at #MMKWhenLoveGrows

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"and after all this time, I'm still into you.."

It's the most significant change I've seen in the world in the last 10 years. Ang madasaling si Santino, lumalandi na! Lol!

#MMKWhenLoveGrows tells a story of childhood friends Sandra and Mart who will fall in love at one point or another.

MMK's episode reminds us our first crush, first love, our first "best". Pabebe man ang MMK episode, still, we can't deny the fact that many of us can relate to it. MMK gave us a major throwback to the feeling when we had with our first crush. We can't help ourselves from smiling.

They say love is something we shouldn't hide but openly share. Kaya pag gusto mo ang isang tao, speak up. Falling in love in on our 1st teenage years is so exciting. That kind of love can never be matched again in our lives. However, sometimes, we may be too young to know better.

"Best may boyfriend na ako" That is how to break your bestfriend's heart! Ugh! It also works worst for girls. The sad reality of "akala ko" towards a boy who only considers you as a friend.

Wala nga kasing forever. Ang aga mo kasing lumandi. Iyan tuloy maaga ka din nasaktan.

But when your crush, crushes you back. Been there, done that! Hahahahahahaha. LOL!

The episode reminded us of that kind of teen love we had years past. Sadly, it's a faded love, a mutual attraction never pursued, a mere infatuation. Do you miss that puppy love feeling. You know, that kind of love that's too innocent to hurt. Yes, it's corny, childish, funny but it happens talaga in real life!

It may be cliche but it made us reminisce of the first time we fell in love. It's insane how much one person can mean to you. Promise!

Instead of saying good night, say SWEET NIGHT because of the "kilig" brought to you by the two young characters of the story. "Kahit mahulog siya, sasaluhin ko naman eh."

"Tayo na? Oo tayo na." Whooo!!! Kilig much... Those simple things that can truly make you smile like an idiot. I love the story... at the same time bitin.... pero its okey. I'm sure Zaijan and Belle will be the next new generation loveteam of ABS-CBN. "Zaibelle?"

MMK's episode reminds us our first crush, first love, our first "best". That relationships are always stronger when you are best friends first then a couple the next. That you will never realize someone's worth until that someone goes away. That first love will always be unforgettable. You'll mostly remember the good memories rather than the bad ones. That love isn't sweeter the second time around. It's when the both of you learned the importance of going back to your roots.

There's also that simple reminder to everyone don't enter relationship if your not serious. Just enjoy your life and chill. You may be too young just yet to know about "forever." But never ever waste a good girl that loves you. If you do, in the end, you'll realize how stupid you were to make that decision. Maturity seems to be the best weapon dealing with your loved one. In the end, true love will find its way.

If it's true love, you can really never move on. If you're really meant to be, you will meet at the endpoint. We've all been through that .... na kapag same color kayo ng damit, it's destiny!

Our first love is always alive, and lives all time in our hearts. Even how much effort that we try to forget it, it will forever be in our hearts.

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