Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Community Run for Fellow Blogger Jared Baliguat

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Though he also covers lifestyle events since I also see him attending other events aside from fitness or sports-related activities, you would mostly see him attending fun run events as a blogger, and unlike some who just cover the media launch or press conference, he would always participate in the actual runs.

That means waking up early in the morning for morning fun runs, and staying late for night runs. This could probably one of the reasons why he is now confined in a hospital under investigation for the doctors are not entirely sure of what he is suffering from.

They've already dismissed earlier assumptions, and now their findings are pointing at something else but that is not important right now. What is more important is to make an effort to help contribute to his medical expenses. Since he is only a few months at his current work, he is not qualified for any medical benefits, and his nearest relatives are all the way from the province.

Thus a run has been organized all for the purpose of raising funds for Jared. The savings account number is prominently listed on the poster so it would be easy to donate, and the fun is merely another way for us to get together for this honorable advocacy. May be seeing each other would spark more ideas in order to increase the donations for our fellow blogger.

The run or "patakbo" is to attract even those who do not know Jared personally. Let them do whatever and however they want to contribute. Every little thing helps.

This is donating for a cause while having fun too. We should promote the run so more people would join the cause. Big help for Jared instead of just confining the solicitations among his friends.

Though this is not the first time I've heard about runners suffering from something like a stroke or severe exhaustion, Jared Baliguat's condition seems to be uncanny, and unique to my knowledge. I am not really sure if all that running caused the condition, but it sure would help if the doctors could find the reason so as we could all avoid experiencing the same.

For those who don't normally run, you could donate instead any amount since every little thong counts and worth a lot when accumulated.

Another way to help is for us to sell our unused "tokens" at home. Just as how fashion bloggers setup a tiangge to sell their pre-loved or unused stuff, we could organize a similar one, maybe at the run itself if they could provide a booth or stall.

We are also reaching out to running events sponsors....or any other brand just like how we do it for Bloggers' Christmas parties or any other get-together events. I'm sure some of them also know Jared and could give assistance too. Spread the news, and promote each others' initiatives. Those who could not give financially can do something else. We could even communicate with the hospital. Arrange for an ex-deal. There are so many ways.

We hope Jared gets well soon as he will be surely missed by the blogging, and running, community of he would be incapable of continuing what he is popularly known for.

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