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Videos: JaDine Launched as New Brand Ambassadors of Lenovo Philippines

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Even if you are not a fan of Pinoy Love Teams, you probably have noticed that there seems to be an influx of brands all wanting this particular love teams as their brand ambassadors or endorsers. The impact that they could give a brand could become phenomenal as die-hard fanatics would be the very first ones eager to share every information or happening about their favorite love teams, and would also emulate what their idols would do, eat, use and even talk, just to be called "in" with them.

True enough, I see fan clubs making tremendous efforts in retweeting my Tweets, Liking and Sharing all my other social media posts about their idols, and writing comments to share their own thoughts. Some of them would even bash criticisms from other people like they are the bodyguards of their idols who would defend them no matter what.

But all of these viral or trending news about their idols would have not been possible if not for the existence of smartphones connected to social media through the use of the Internet. Everything is already beyond the radio, television, newspaper and magazine as we all now fully embrace online content as the "in" thing when it comes to sharing news and information.

Thus smartphones have become one of the most in demand product in the market. An individual may even have two or three smartphones eventhough there are dual-sim models. People just can't get enough of wanting more than just one as there are so many brands, and models, out there with excellent features we all want to own for ourselves.

Among these brands is Lenovo which has recently come out with the world's first Tango-enabled smartphone with their latest model called the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro. Theis model provides users with an elevated Augmented Reality (AR) experience with Google's Tango technology which enables the user to map physical spaces and overlay it with virtual effects, track objects, and map indoor spaces.These abilities allow for more types of apps, experiments, and designs to offer a lot more possibilities with our AR experience aside from the existing 25 Tango-enabled apps on Google Play like the Solar Simulator app that automatically scales the entire solar system to fit inside your room, the Raise app which gives you a virtual 3D pet, and Lowe's Home Improvement app which allows for a sort of Interior Design creativity.

At a launch held on November 26, 2016 at the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia, the launch was even made more special with the introduction of JaDine as the newest brand ambassadors of Lenovo brand. Not only of a single product model but of the entire product line of Lenovo.

Below are some of the many video coverage we took from the Lenovo launch so you could enjoy more of JaDne and learn more about the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro:

JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre) love team is the new Lenovo Philippines Brand Ambassador

Congratulations to JaDine for being a very popular endorser of many brands. Their accumulated number of followers on social media that reaches around 6 million is an excellent feat already. Add that with those fans on television, radio, newspapers and magazines, and of course the other members of society which do not have their own social media accounts but do adore these two especially at their "kilig" moments when interviewed or performing together. The Mannequin Challenge done during the Lenovo launch made people swooning over them. 

I am among the guilty ones who couldn't help but smile at how they treat and talk with each other. Their answers to every query were anticipated by all fans, and I could hear all the cheers and shout outs in the background as I took the videos.

Congratulations to Lenovo Philippines for choosing JaDine as their brand ambassador since they are true-to-life love teams unlike others that were just matched together. But who knows maybe the other love teams may soon fall in love with each other two just as how James Reid and Nadine Lustre did. But now the edge and advantage is with JaDine because it is so easy to look romantically involved with each other when the relationship is true and sincere.

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