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Does Isagenix IsaLean Shake Work; Isagenix IsaLean Shake Review

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What is Isagenix IsaLean Shake?

Isagenix Isalean is a brand of meal replacement shakes that are reported to be clinically proven to support the growth of lean muscle and fat/weight loss. There are 24 grams of protein included with 23 vitamins and minerals in this shake.

IsaLean claims to be better than the competition because it contains a lot of nutrients and low amounts of fat, sodium, and cholesterol. This shake can be blended with water or milk. IsaLean is also said to be free of hormones and antibiotics. But can this product really help you lose weight? What are the benefits to drinking this shake? We’ll tell you everything you need to know to decide if IsaLean is the right weight loss shake for you in this IsaLean review.

IsaLean Ingredients and Side Effects

There are a lot of ingredients in Isagenix IsaLean. The key ingredients are milk protein concentrate, fructose, xathene gum, and whey protein concentrate.

Milk protein concentrate is a fairly potent processed protein. It’s a common ingredient in processed foods because it’s such a cheap protein source. However there are safety concerns about the ingredient put forward by the Food and Water Watch Group. They are also concerned about the chances of toxic effects given how the ingredient is commonly imported from countries that have their own safety standards.

Fructose is a kind of fruit sugar. It’s added to foods such as this to sweeten the flavor but there is no nutritional value of the ingredient. It’s thought to be perhaps the worst sweetener there is because of how it contributes to health conditions. Studies have shown that it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduced insulin and leptin levels.

Xantha gum is a thickener that is included in many kinds of processed foods. It’s created by mixing bacteria with fermented sugar and it is known to cause bloating, flatulence, and stomach problems including diarrhea.

Price and Quality

If you were to purchase a 14 serving canister of Isagenix it would cost you $51.95, which means that a 28 day supply of 2 shakes a day would cost you over $200. This is much higher than the average meal replacement shake. While it does have a lot of protein, it isn’t of a much higher quality than other meal replacement shakes. We’re also concerned about how much sugar the shake has. It contains 11 grams of sugar per serving, or 22 grams of sugar per day, which is just under the recommended daily intake of 25 grams of sugar for women. We feel that this shake is overpriced and contains a lot of unnecessary ingredients. So the price isn’t very justified.

Customer Opinions

There are a number of Isagenix reviews online. Many of these reviews include people complaining about how artificial the shake tastes, and that it doesn’t blend properly, forming an odd and chalky texture.

Many customers also reported they failed to lose weight or suffered from side effects including diarrhea, headaches, and nausea. Some of these people reported that even after dieting and exercise they still failed to lose weight; likely to the high 240 calories the shake contains.

Many customers also expressed their dissatisfaction at being unable to claim a refund on the product. People who called the customer service department at Isagenix were told there was no return policy.


If you were to ask us “does Isagenix work?” then we would have to tell you that it contains far too much sugar and calories. There may be lots of protein included in the shake but the protein sources are not good enough to make this a good replacement for a meal. The protein they add is cheap. You can find it cheaper than this yourself if you look. There are also many complaints about the taste of the shake, the texture of the mixture, and their inability to lose weight while drinking it.

There are plenty of better options out there, including meal replacement shakes with no fructose, better protein with whey protein, and just one gram of sugar that can really help you lose weight. Our favorite weight loss shake is called 18Shake and it comes with a host of positive customer testimonials from people who managed to lose weight and the great flavor. 18Shake also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk on your part.

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