Wednesday, August 31, 2016

#NoPlaceForHate Campaign Should Rule on Social Media

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"We reserve the right to create a safe space where our readers may speak freely AND respectfully. For a constructive conversation among all kinds of individuals, a tolerance of others' opinions must always go with the courage to speak your mind.

You may curse and insult in your own pocket of the web, but at Rappler, we do not condone this, and we encourage a conversation that moves the topic forward.

Pag-aaari po namin ang aming Facebook page and we have the right to instill particular rules in our comments section. This is not unusual. Many pages have comment moderators with guidelines, and this is no different." - Rappler
#NoPlaceforHate was launched by Rappler as a means to empower our readers and make Rappler's comments sections engaging and progressive again. This move is to show that there is a way of criticizing that does not involve hate speech or death threats.

There's nothing wrong with expressing what you feel. What's unacceptable is when you attack other people and make baseless allegations that contribute nothing to the discussion.

Examples of Unacceptable Hate:

1. Name-calling--mean-spirited or disparaging words directed at a person, organization or group of people.
2. Aspersion--mean-spirited or disparaging words directed at an idea, plan, policy, or behavior.
3. Lying--stating or implying that an idea, plan or policy was disingenuous.
4. Vulgarity--using profanity or language that would not be considered proper in professional discourse.
5. Pejorative for speech--disparaging remark about the way in which a person communicates.

All of the commentators in social media cannot deny that at one point in our lives, we have made a disrespectful statement. Don't be a bigot or hypocrite to deny it. People are too polarized, hate will continue because some agendas are so apparent. Rappler is a news organization and not a PR firm. Comments are all welcome provided, as stated, all should adhere to moderations policy.

While I'm a free speech absolutist, I would have to agree with Rappler's decision. In any case, these folks have a host of other outlets. Spam from troll bots limits the freedom of expression of actual readers.
Communication can be difficult at times, sometimes what we say isn't always taken how we imagined it would be taken. Sometimes, our words can be perceived in one way, and sometimes, they can be perceived in another.

Can't we all just resort to a civilized and kind discussion? 

Stripping your right of expressing through hate doesn't mean stripping your freedom of expressions, this is the way of educating you people which you also learned from school. To become civilized.

Your freedom ends where another else's begins. In all things that you do, apply the principle of universality. Ergo, your freedom of speech ends when it starts to harass and cause harm to another.

How can you have a civilized conversation if some people only want to post slurs and retarded things. And in the end when that person lose to an argument he/she will attack the persons identity and sometimes the family.
Respect begets respect but the owner of the house defines the rule of the house. You're free to rant in your own living room. It's yours. But if you do it in someone else's living room, you can expect to be kicked out if you don't behave. That's basic decency.

If you don't like the rules, you can simply leave the page, unfollow it, or go and make your own. Their space, their rules.

If you can't share your thoughts without resorting to abuse, they're not worth sharing in the marketplace of ideas.

People should not be "moralized" by the media. Our values are inherent. To even say that you choose who to respect is appalling. You respect EVERYONE regardless of any behavior, character, gender, etc.

I think the positive thing about this policy is that commenters are assured they can freely express their objective opinions without the risks of getting bullied by anonymous trolls who resort to personal tirades that even go as far as creating a meme out of their profile photos.

This is to remind us to be more discerning of the proper forum for meaningful interactions and civil discourse in our use of the democratic space available to us, and to learn to discard the superfluity of untamed and uncivil comments. 

Logic will win the day. It's okay to be passionate or fanatic about something or someone but sometimes that blinds us in seeing the actual truth.

Like what our parents used to say, "If you cannot say something nice or something that has been thought out, do not say anything at all."
“I keep hearing ‘with freedom comes responsibility.’ I don’t think people have watched Spider Man. It’s with great power comes great responsibility. With freedom comes the obligation to defend it against any attempt to abridge it in any fashion whatsoever.” - Teddy Locsin Jr.

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