Saturday, July 30, 2016

Beware of the Deceiver Who Claims Ownership of WaZZup

Wazzup Pilipinas! 

Sadly, there's this blogger who has been deceiving people.

He is claiming ownership of the domain name WaZZup and tries to prevent us from using it eventhough he very well knows that we were the first to use it for our domain name.

First and foremost, he cannot claim ownership of that domain since it's freely available for anyone who wants to use it as a domain name or any other purpose.

For everyone's information, we are originally before we bought the domain Since it was accepted when we registered, it only means it has no identical domain name existing. During that time, we have no knowledge of him or his blog site. We were the more active blog site and he even joined as member of our Facebook group.

His site was WaZupPhilippines but we did not see him as a threat since our blog is more of an advocacy and it was not meant to compete but just as an outlet where we can share our thoughts and opinions as well as to help in promoting everything about the Philippines. Besides, there were other sites which were using the WaZZup word as part of their domain name...and he was using WaZup and not WaZZup.

waZup is not waZZup

But then he changed his domain from WaZup into WaZZup making it almost identical to our domain name for WaZZup Pilipinas. He did this eventhough he knows we are already using WaZZup. He even informed us that he changed his domain name from WaZupPhilippines to WaZZupPhilippines, but it never got into his mind that he may be even further confusing people about our sites. He was keen on using that domain because he said he was benefiting from the fact that people mistaken his site for mine, since during that time, my blog was already among the leading blogs in the Philippines.

When issues arise against us, he then opted to change his domain name so as not to be mistaken for my site. This was a reverse in his thinking since now there was black propaganda being spread about our site and our members. Many saw the false accusations as mere intent to ruin our reputation so they can reclaim their status in the blogging community.

However, he deceived people by claiming he changed his domain name to a dot PH, but unknown to many, he still retained the almost identical domain name of WaZZupPhilippines.

So some people, especially the foreigners who do not recall the Tagalog word "Pilipinas" would mistake his site for ours. Thus, there still exist confusion.

When the domain name was given to me as a gift, he went berserk online and created a damaging thread saying we were creating confusion. Ironically, as a way to get back on us, he then purchased the domain to create further confusion.

He then tried to bargain with us to exchange the domain with his

We argued that it would be better if he just give us the WaZZupPhilippines domain instead so the confusion will really end. But he would not accept our counter-offer for reasons very vague for us. If he really wants to avoid confusion, he should just let go of WaZZupPhilippines.

But we do not really care if he keeps it or not. We are not competing with anybody so we are not really bothered if somebody uses WaZZup since we have no ownership of that word. But it also means we can freely use it as well for our own purpose if that is the case.

So unless he could legally claim ownership of that word, everyone has the right to use it. We should not let bullies like him to keep us from doing what we believe is right.

These arrogant cyber bullies will soon have their last days on Earth. The good people will fight back against these filthy animals who are only brave when online but act meek offline. These devious bandits of mischief deserves a lot of spanking until their butts turn black and blue.

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