Thursday, June 9, 2016

Importance of Traveling In Education

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Education subjects which offer theoretical knowledge to students cannot be complete without having a first hand experience of physical visits of a place at least to get new ideas for research paper. Education and traveling are inseparable from each other. The goal of this article is to show how important traveling is to any educational system that wants to equip students with proper world knowledge.

With breakthroughs in science, locomotives and transport systems have improved and have made traveling easier. Looking at the past experience, a person had to fraught with danger to reach a destination. Nowadays, traveling from one part of the world to another has been fast and safe. Traveling has been incorporated as part of education. Educational tours are key in opening up the minds of students and converts theory to practical knowledge. A student who reads a book about a certain geographical place and never visits the place has insufficient knowledge if compared to a student who reads and visits the place. For example, visiting places like Kashmir valley, Kutch, Kalipong and Kanyakumari will offer best climate, architecture, history, culture, religion and fauna to students.

The figure above is the beautiful Kashmir valley - a geographical attraction site Photo from

Some places have been given a negative connotation as being risky and dangerous. This remains false because of smooth communication that is provided by travel bureau. The information empowers the traveler or travelers to make wise decisions and this removes the superstitions that are awarded to certain geographical places. The bureau offers good and affordable prices for traveling groups. Schools in urban areas have the ability to have education trips because of funding, but this is not the same with students from the village.

In conclusion, traveling to various destinations, offers a variety of knowledge to students. Students learn directly and they are able to do a comparative analysis of what they read and see in the real situation. Educational tours open the minds of students.

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