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Monday, May 23, 2016

Convenient Grocery Shopping Using BeamAndGo Remittance Service

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The founders of BeamAndGo believes that they have introduced a better way to support the families of OFWs using their remittance service that helps guard against misspent funds.

How? By sending digital certificates that are already intended for use with specific brands, services or utilities. Instead of sending cash values, an OFW can send an amount credited to ..let's say, a grocery, through the most accessible tool that majority of us use in our everyday lives. What else but our mobile phones! I think the service works even for non-smartphones so it's not required that you have an Android or iOS device which means even those with less access to expensive gadgets can avail of the service.

The BeamAndGo remittance service is so easy to use that even a child using it for the first time can conveniently find his way to use it without any problems. In fact, the system is so user-friendly that it only took me a few minutes to complete a transaction.

It's my second time to try it and though there have been obvious changes in the system interface when I accessed it for the second time, I still had a remarkably easy time to complete a transaction. Within a matter of days, the notice that I received a 2 Super8GC Php500 gift certificate/s was sent to my smartphone and informed me that it can be redeemed immediately.

The real intention of this BeamAndGo digital gift certificate for specific brands is to avoid the recipient from spending cash values on non-essential stuff. We all know that some people get tempted to spend money on trivial or unnecessary items so it is a great idea to send credit to the recipient that is already tied with basic necessities such as a grocery warehouse like Super8.

Aside from being assured that the recipient spends the credit on the right items, the service also adds convenience to the recipient since he or she does not need to carry cash with them. All they have to do is show up with their mobile phones and a valid ID and present them to the counter when paying. This service is truly a very innovative concept that I am surprised not too many are doing a similar platform.

Since this was my second time at the same grocery warehouse, I wanted to know if there was improvement in the service. The first time we went here, the staff made us transfer to a specific counter which dropped what they were doing and prioritized us. This time, they processed our transaction right where we queued. It was intentional that we queued at a separate counter to find out if  they will send us to another counter again. We were actually surprised they serviced us right there and then.

Well 1k worth of grocery is not much nowadays but everyone should be thankful that BeamAndGo has made the effort to assure that small amount won't go anywhere else but to what it was intended. Though the recipient can still buy anything he or she wants from a Grocery, it is still comforting that the money will not be used for more harmful vices.

Kudos to the staff of Super8 Grocery Warehouse for immediately attending to our needs. Even though not all of them were still unaware of how the process works since one was still asking us for a paper document, the higher positioned staff knew exactly what to do. I just hope they could also automate the process at their end since they were still entering the transaction in a logbook.

Thank you BeamAndGo for letting us experience your remittance service again. It was great shopping at Super8 Grocery Warehouse with having only to show our smartphones as proof of the credit.

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