Wednesday, October 21, 2015

U-Hop Offers Mass Transport Ride Sharing Solution to Ease Traffic Problems

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They say the best way to prove that we are visiting a first world country is when you see their rich and affluent citizens riding the public mass transports. Only when we have made our mass transport solutions attractive for even the class As, it is the only time we can claim we have eased our traffic or transport problem, and got rid of infuriated passengers going mad and miserable by the seemingly unending traffic congestions all throughout the day and night of our every waking life.

At a media presentation organized on October 21 at Anabel's Restaurant in Tomas Morato, a new transport network company (TNC)  aims to provide a better solution to challenge the already in-placed jurassic transport systems of other companies. We don't exactly know what she is after, but it was long gone now.

Internationally famous Urban Planner Felino "Jun" Palafox was invited to be their speaker at the launch. Above photo shows Jun receiving a trophy for his talk. Jun fully supports the goals of U-Hop and believes that this is one of the best ways to really ease our traffic and transport problems. He discussed his thoughts, ideas and many projects related to urban planning. Check out our video of him soon which I'm going to embed in this blog article as soon as I've uploaded them on YouTube.

It looks like Uber and Grab Car might be saying goodbye to the Philippines real soon because U-Hop is now here to start their operations next week starting with B2B arrangements, then as soon as another board of director from that transport agency of the government signs, they'll be offering to anybody who wants more convenient, comfortable, practical and affordable means of transportation that would directly pick you up from home, school, work, etc and vice versa.

No more falling in lines at terminals, no more overloaded UV Express or vans, and the best news is that, this service will dramatically give us a lot of savings in money, time and effort. It will also greatly reduce the number of vehicles on the streets.

We often miss a lot of our lives because of so many hours we lose traveling the streets of Metro Manila. Finding vehicles to ride amidst a usually very busy schedule.  Congestion, Pollution, and Security are  just some of the difficulties that needs to be overcome as soon to be replaced by Convenience and Affordability.

It is a disappointment to find out that the recommendations of Jun for the improvement of many areas of the country were not conceived and until now pending because of the "Analysis Paralysis" sickness of our government leaders who lack the political will and intellectual knowledge to stand firm to a more noble goal that is free from influence of other sectors of society that causes damaging effects.

Bravo U-Hop!!! Don't let the bureaucratic government discourage you. You have waited for several months just to keep on the legal side, unlike Uber and Grab Car who defied the law, only to comply to the requirement, later just to keep their operations.

Congrats to the very first real mass-transport ride-sharing solution. Hopefully many people will realize this is the beginning of a new era in transportation thanks to U-Hop.

Bye-bye Uber and Grab Car, we will miss you in the Philippines....unless you come up with another innovative idea that will again rock our world!

As mentioned earlier, we took videos of the talk of Architect Jun, as well as some of the discussions in the Q&A of the presscon where Mike Manalaysay, VP for Corporate Communications; Arlene Cabangon, VP for Technology and Jun Palafox seated as panelists.

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