Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Misencounter at Mamasapano: Maguindanao Massacre 2? Poor Mindanao!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

After the infamous Maguindanao Masacre - and justice is still far - another killing spree. It is a tragic to hear about another massacre in Maguindanao. I have no words. Just none.

But I have to say something. I cannot remain silent after this incident.

Is there something wrong with the peace plan, have our government been duped by the rebels?At least 60 members of the elite Special Action Forces died while some were injured in what the Philippine National Police called a "misencounter" of the police with Muslim rebels.

"International terrorist explosives trainors from the Jemaah Islamiya - Southeast Asian arm of Al Qaeda - massacred almost 60 Special Action Force commandos with a warrant of arrest. Self-defense claims the MILF who instead should have helped the PNP serve the warrant of arrest. Why should the PNP-SAF attack an organization that inked a peace agreement, unless they were in the company of the BIFF and the JI? Treacherous, and the overkill is a dead giveaway, no pun intended...."

Why is the Palace still mum on the Mamasapano massacre? We'd like to get to the bottom of this; what happened, and why this happened. Misencounter that led to more than 60 casualties? There was miscommunication so there was an encounter hence . Lol!

The victims are police special forces. If I were the ground commander, I should recon first the area for more intel and coordinate with military, thus reducing the men I will be able to lost in any armed engagement. I shall not underestimate the capability of my enemies and treat their ability like ours. Advanced weapon was no match to planned and well coordinated battle plan.

How can you not feel strong outrage and condemnation about the killing, beheading and mutilation of more than 60 PNP-SAF personnel?

Militant Moro group asks "Was the US government behind the operation that led to the deaths of 64 elite police forces?"

It's getting more clear, it was the $7 Million reward to capture the two terrorists that defined and directed the mission.

Should the MILF be trusted? Our policemen was shot in their faces at close range! MILF can't be trusted! Game of chance for peace in Philippines!

All flags in military installations at half-mast in honor of fallen SAF men. President Benigno Simeon Aquino III or otherwise known as PNoy now studies options to honor policemen killed in Maguindanao. Now were giving lots of heroes welcome, state honors, That's where we are good at, but when it comes to protecting the lives of our soldiers, "palpak!"

Another day lost in battle. Today, anybody who tries to promote Mindanao feels like all the efforts have gone to naught. It always breaks my heart and pisses me off when I hear of fighting between our countrymen.

For now it is too complex for us to draw our own conclusions. Anger will not resolve anything. "The point is to keep an open mind and resist the urge to use the deaths to commit more injustice."

My thoughts and prayers are with our fallen comrades.

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