Friday, October 3, 2014

Foosball: The Unbeatables Movie Premiere

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Foosball players come to life because of a tear and helps real people win a real football game! For real!

I think this is the very first time a movie has based its story on a foosball, a table-top game and sport that is loosely based on association football or soccer. The table-top game resembles football in which the ball is moved by manipulating rods to which small figures of players are attached. Two to four players can play the game and score points the same way they play football.

Harry Potter's Rupert Grint voices Amadeo, the lead star of the English-dubbed 3D animation Foosball: The Unbeatables which opened last October 1 in Philippine cinemas nationwide, months ahead of its US release.

Originally titled Metegol in Argentine-Spanish and voiced with native Argentinian talents, the movie is known in the US as Underdogs and has also used the title Unbeatables in other international territories such as the Philippines.

Foosball: The Unbeatables is Juan José Campanella’s first cinematographic project since he was awarded the Oscar for The Secret in Their Eyes while Sergio Pablos, creator of the original idea for Despicable Me and who supervised Rio, is the animation head of the movie.

We were treated to some snacks, freebies and an opportunity to play Foosball with the kids. Here you can see my two kids playing with a Foosball and really enjoying it.

The game is quite challenging and requires skillful hand-and-eye coordination. You can play it even if you don't know how to play football. Though I still encourage children to play the real-life football. Nothing beats the real-life sports and sweating it all out at the football grounds competing with another team.

And so we are all ready to watch the premiere of Foosball: the Unbeatables. The whole family is here! All five of us will be watching the movie together. Family bonding at its best!

The premiere was well attended, and people fell in love with both the endearing Amadeo, Laura and the Foosball characters:

AMADEO – He’s shy, insecure and possesses a unique gift; nobody ever gets to beat him at foosball and is in love with Laura.

LAURA – She’s outgoing, hip and courageous. She is Amadeo’s best friend. Her dream is to move to the big city for her art studies in college.

ACE – He’s the megastar of world football, megalomaniac and a conceited athlete. He can’t bear to be defeated and is capable of doing everything to get what he wants.

SKIP – He’s the Stripes’ team natural leader. He’s very smart and has a charming personality.

BETO – He’s talented and egoistic player. He thinks he is football’s number one star and he’s convinced he’s trapped in a team of mediocre players.

LOCO – He’s got a big heart and a Zen philosophy. He’s always ready to make a “cosmic” comment although none of his teammates understand him.

SOLIDO – He’s the captain of the Claret’s team. He’s got a strong character and a voice that commands respect. He’s been Skip’s archrival for more than 20 years.
What's great about the movie was its magical story-telling done with a combination of imagination, humor and thrill. We see ourselves watching out for the main characters and also laughing out loud at their humorous escapades.

You can see how the moviegoers loved the movie immediately after the ending since everyone clapped with delight at the end of the premiere.

My kids were also saying it was a great movie and we thank the organizers for inviting us to watch this amazing premiere.

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