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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: Turn Back Time

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The story starts with Kyla feeling guilty about her sister’s death. She thinks it’s her entire fault that her sister died because her sister got into a car accident when her sister chased after her outside their house due to the argument they had about her boyfriend.

She’s in their bedroom, thinking about what happened when their family’s magic clock crossed her mind. She decided to try and use it once to go back in the past. Unexpectedly, she was back to the day when she started to hate her sister, not on the time before the car accident.

After going back to time, Kyla changed into a better person. Instead of hating her sister, she grew closer to her. She also earned herself the love and trust of the person she wanted the most.

She was shocked when she saw her twin sister and her boyfriend kissing inside a café. She ran away from them and crossed the street, but she looked back because she thought her boyfriend will get hit by a truck because he chased after her, but he was safe in the end.

She confronted her twin sister and after knowing her reason and explanation, she forgave her like what a sister should do. She also made up with her boyfriend, realizing how much he loves her. After making sure that everything will be alright, she once again approached the magic clock and went back to the present with hopes in her heart.

Here is our short story for the day. Please read on and enjoy!

Why? Why did this have to happen?

I have to admit, I’ve always hated her. She always gets everyone’s attention because she’s smarter, kinder, gentler, friendlier, and prettier—in short, she’s always the better one.

But she’s someone worth caring for, someone worth your love.

She’s someone who doesn’t deserve to die.

If only I trusted her. If only I accepted her apology even though it wasn’t her fault for my boyfriend to like her. She has done nothing wrong. If only I didn’t walk out of the house and she chased me and she bumped into a 10-wheeler truck.

If it weren’t for me, she would still be alive by now.

It was my entire fault.

I locked myself inside our room. I saw a picture frame on my desk, containing a photo with both of us smiling. Having a twin sister who understands you and loves you even though you don’t love yourself anymore is the best thing I could ever ask for.

And now, I lost her because of my selfishness.

I stared at the ceiling, my eyes wide open because I can’t sleep. I kept crying for hours because no matter how sorry I am, it won’t change the fact that I don’t have my twin sister anymore.

I glanced at our big old clock. It was a family heirloom; they kept this clock for many generations already. There was an old tale that this clock can take you to the time you most needed to go back to. Just say the words, and you’ll be there.

I don’t know what has gotten into me. The next thing I knew, I was standing on my feet, walking my way towards the clock. And the words just slipped out of my mouth.

“To the clock that produces an hourly chime, let me control and turn back time.”

And I vanished into thin air.

I found myself standing in front of my high school. I am wearing my uniform, wearing my backpack with all my things in it, and most of all, my twin sister is standing beside me.

“Let’s go, Kyla. It’s our first day in our senior year in high school. Aren’t you excited?” My twin sister asked me.

This is so unexpected. Why did the clock let me go back to this time? I thought it’ll take me back to the night the accident happened.

But I might as well just go with the flow.

“I am. Are you, Kylie?” I asked her back. Back then, I answered no and left her there. But I’ll try to change this time.

“I am as excited as you are, sis.” She giggled. We both went inside the school and went to our respective classrooms.

It was break time. We both went to the cafeteria to get some food. As we sat down, I saw a group of boys enter. It is happening exactly as I remember. They passed by our table and I can’t keep my eyes off of one boy.

“Someone’s in love,” I heard Kylie say.

“Someone’s getting a wrong assumption,” I answered back.

“Someone’s in denial,” she insisted.

“Alright, I quit. What’s his name?” I surrendered. I changed my answer. Back then I kept denying it to her, but I think this is the reason why the clock turned back to this time.

“I knew it. His name is Ken. He’s just beside our classroom.” So that’s it.

They passed by our table once again, and I saw Ken stare at both of us.

“Twins?” He asked.

“Obviously,” I answered back, trying to get his attention. I felt Kylie kick me under the table.

“Nice meeting you. Ken, right? I’m Kylie.” She immediately approached him in a friendlier manner. Right, always the nicer one.

“I’m Kyla. Sorry for being rude a while ago.” I introduced myself and smiled. Back then, Kylie did all the introductions and I just kept my head low with a frown on my face, but I think it would be nice if I make myself clear now.

“Nice meeting both of you, too. See you around,” he said and waved goodbye.

After the bell rang, I immediately packed up my things. Kylie and I walked to the gate. I felt my heart stop when I saw him.

This is the exact reason why the happenings in this day are still clear.

It’s the day I started to hate my sister.

And I guess that’s the reason why that old clock brought me back here. So I can change how things became between us.

“Hello, Soriano sisters. I heard you live in the same village as I so…can we walk home together?”

And I never felt so happy.

Until he spoke the next statement.

“Kyla, right? Do you have a phone?” Wait, did I hear it right? He mentioned my name? Back then, he mentioned Kylie…but now what?

“M-me?” I asked. Oh God, I’m so dumb. I’m humiliating myself in front of him.

“Yes. You’re Kyla, right? Unless I’m wrong.” He let out a soft chuckle.

“Oh, yeah. I have a phone, why?” I asked him. Of course I know why!

“Can I have your number? Well, if it’s okay…” He scratched the back of his head and lowered his head.

“Oh, sure.” We exchanged numbers and we said thanks and waved him goodbye.

My sister and I went to our room. Of course, she’ll tease me about earlier.

“Looks like he’s into you, too,” she said with a smile.

“It’s too early to say that, sis,” I answered back but I can’t hide my wide smile plastered all over my face.

This day turned out to be the exact opposite back then: it’s the day when my sister and I became closer to each other.

I woke up the next morning, and the next one, and the next one, too. My life became entirely different from what I remember. But this life is better than the one I had.

Back then it was Kylie and Ken who were often together. But now, it was him and I.

Back then Kylie was the only one who was getting praises from our parents. Now even I get them.

Back then I always go and party at school nights. But now I changed for the better.

And I’ve never been so grateful in my life.

I glanced at the big old clock across the room. If it weren’t for it, I would’ve been really miserable by now.

But not everything went the way I wanted to.

I knew this day would come: the day I caught Ken confessing to my twin sister.

I waited for it to come the whole day. It didn’t happen.

I let myself rest as I lay down on my bed. I t was 7 in the evening, and Kylie said she’ll be home late because she’s got to do a group project over our classmate’s house.

I remembered that I need to buy something from a bookstore, and so I went.

I passed by a café and decided to get myself a cup of coffee since it’s awfully cold outside. I entered the store and my body came to a complete stop.

And what I saw couldn’t hurt my heart more.

I saw my sister and my boyfriend sharing a kiss.

My eyes became wide. I felt my tears slowly forming. I was about to leave when I heard my boyfriend call me.

“Kyla! It’s not what you think!” I heard him shout.

My mind went blank. I ran outside the store as Ken chased me. I already crossed the street and when I looked back, I felt numb.

“Ken!” I shouted. I was about to chase him because he’ll bump into a 10-wheeler truck if I didn’t, but Kylie pulled him back.

After the truck crossed and Ken was safe, I immediately rushed to him.

“Ken! Oh God, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m okay. Look, Kyla, about earlier—“

“It’s okay. Kylie, let’s go home.” My sister nodded and followed suit.

As we went inside our bedroom, I dropped my things off and looked at her straight in the eye.


“Kyla, it’s just that…Please don’t be mad at me—“

“Why, Kylie?” I asked with gritted teeth.

“I…I’ve liked Ken since the beginning. I’m sorry, Kyla. I just can’t hold it back anymore. I’m sorry. I know I was wrong and—“

“It’s okay. He’s just too loveable, right?” I just said and smiled.

“We should sleep now. We still got school tomorrow,” I said and turned off the lights.

I waited for her to fall asleep. When I was sure that she’s already dozed off, I dialed Ken’s number. After two rings, he answered.

“Kyla, about earlier—“

“Ken. Do you like Kylie?”

“What? No! It’s you whom I loved since the beginning.”

“Are you sure? We’re twins, Ken. Who knows, right?”

“Kyla, listen to me. It’s you whom I am really attracted to since we met at the cafeteria. I admit I was attracted to Kylie because she’s kind, but your personality was way beyond I expected. You’re a little cold on the outside, but inside you’re a really warm person. And that’s when I realized I love you as yourself. I managed to become closer to you, and later on, became a part of your life as your boyfriend. And I’m thankful to God for this love I had for you, and for the love you gave me in return.”

I was speechless after Ken’s statement. One more question, and I will really believe him.

“Do you love me, Ken?” He let out a sigh on the opposite line, but I know he’s smiling.

“God knows how much I love you, Kyla.”

“I love you,” I almost whispered. A tear escaped from my eye and rolled to my cheek. God, what did I do to deserve this kind of love?

“I do, too. Now go to sleep.”

“You, too. Bye.”

“Bye.” Then we hanged up.

I woke up the next day, and everything went back to normal. I found out that I’m alone in the room, and I noticed that the clock was weirder. It was emitting an aura that it was out of control.

And that’s when I realized something.

I need to go back to the present.

Although I enjoyed it here, I know that the only reason I came back is because I have something to fix. And now that everything is okay, I know the future will be okay as well.

I prepared myself and walked straight to the clock. I recited the words with all hopes in my heart.

“To the clock that sings a tick-tock song, bring me back to where I belong.”

And I vanished into thin air.

Contributed by Emerald Jewell M. Fajanilag

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  1. The story shows that we can correct our mistakes, because no one is perfect. The story also shows that we must not jump to conclusion, we must hear first their explanations before we conclude. It also shows that we must value people around us, because we don't know when they will be gone in our lives, so must we always seize every moment with them. Such a marvelous story. :)

  2. I liked the story because I love stories involving twins! :) I liked the plot and the idea of time travelling. Great job!

  3. The story teaches us that we must seize every moment with the people we love because we can't tell when they will be gone in this world. It is very interesting so I wasn't bored even a bit. I really liked the chants that Kyla cited in front of the clock. Excellent job! :)

  4. I'm amazed about the story because it talks about sisterhood and how she correct her own mistake.In the story, it teach us that we must be careful in all the actions that we need to do because in real life there's no such thing as going back again to the past.

  5. Great job! The story is great and has a lot of lessons. I also like the way the words are written and the choice of words are just awesome. It was so appropriate that I didnt regret reading it. Thumbs up for the author! :)

  6. This story is amazing! This story acts as a guide or warning for us that in real life there's no second chances to correct our mistakes instead treat these mistakes as our lessons in life to make us a better person. I really love how the story goes even though there's no such thing exists but i wish it exists. :D

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. This story teaches that we must correct our mistakes and those mistakes will be a lesson for us to make a better person. Great story!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Such a great story! The choice of words of the author, as well as her writing style is good. Those realizations that people will get from the story can surely hit like a truck. Nice work!

  11. This is such a nice story! It teaches many lessons to us like we should be careful in every action and decision that we will make because there's no turning back to correct our mistakes. Nice plot!! Great job!! :)

  12. I've really been interested in stories of time travel, and this was a good one because it focused more on the sisterhood rather than the romance it contained. The narration of Kyla's time travel was great, it was on point. Also, I've learned good things in this story like how should one value her sibling, and you cannot go back to the past to fix your mistakes. You did a great job! :)

  13. A very strong story taking on a very uncomfortable topic. It is quite a feat. The style of writing, however, did not fully justify the theme, being a bit overly teenage and shallow.

  14. It was a great and interesting story.The author did a good job in writing this short story =))


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