Sunday, July 20, 2014

When Feelingeras Become Boom Panes

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Some people need to get laid more often because they have too much time to waste and nothing better to do than to rumor-monger and gang-up on unsuspecting people without giving the accused a chance to defend themselves.

There was this thread created by a blogger who thought he should make everyone take notice of a fellow blogger who was copy-pasting articles from another site. It is OK to "police" the community but we should do it more professionally. What is worst is when others were too quick to judge and even inject unnecessary comments that would even implicate others not directly involved.

They should get a life out in the real world away from the keyboard or keypad or touch screen of their PCs or smartphones. Matapang lang sila online pero pag kaharap mo na ay di makaporma.

Winning people is like having sex. You need to begin with a foreplay. Explore her body, work on her G-Spot, and make the ecstacy linger before finally thrusting back and forth that long hard pulsating shaft deep into into her warm quivering moisted membrane until both of you reach an orgasm.

Many are just too trigger-happy to fire that damn shame gun. Putok agad at wala man lang warning shot.

These so called sentinels of justice, peace and order are nothing more than self-engrossed KSPs who lack the decency to be a little more discreet with how they deal with people. They have desperate lives not worth living so they try to ruin the lives of others.

Some of them believe they are already swimming in a sea of success so they try to drown everyone else who does not match up to their superiority and intellect. But we all know we can sometimes find the most valuable and splendid treasures of the sea way down below.

"Utak-talangka" may get you to the top of the basket but you just might end up to be the first that gets feasted upon by hungry ravenous animals waiting to prey on the first one that shows its ugly head.

You can hit me all you want but I won't be put down so easily, and might just ignore you if you're not much of a threat. But when you scrutinize people in public and make fun of them, I would always back up the underdog even if it means putting myself on the line.

There is no perfect person in this world. Everyone has his or her own shortcomings and flaws. We cannot change the world to a better place by declaring war against our enemies. Instead, we should find a way to reconcile our differences in a mutually beneficial way. That is the only way to attain peace not only with others but also within ourselves.

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  1. We cannot change the world to a better place by declaring war against our enemies, but we can at least write articles free of trash.

    Ganito na pala kababoy ang mga writers natin sa Pinas.

    1. Writers, Bloggers... Who declares what is trash or scented shit? We all know there's a lot of seemingly do-gooders out there that we later learn are more horrible than the common criminals.

  2. Sorry, I forgot. Your analogy about winning people and having sex is really horrible. You should really stop reading literature and novels and memorizing dirty vocabulary, and start reading about logic and mathematics if you want to be good at analysis.

    1. I don't read such. I read comments like yours that are more trash than constructive criticisms. If you cannot offer solutions, you're no better than the people you are trying to defend.

  3. The number of Likes here just proves that many understood my point that should be respected rather than obstructed. Respect begets respect. If you can't handle the heat, get out of the fire.


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