Sunday, July 20, 2014

UNTV Versus Sofitel: Trending Negatively Due to Bad Publicity

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It's UNTV against Sofitel. Who would win? Many would side with the underdog, but many will be saying its up to who has the best lawyers. UNTV may get public sympathy but is it all worth it for just one hotel among the many that exists in the country. So what if they banned their TV show in their hotel? Will the effect be significant? Will they be losing a lot if guests in this hotel fail to watch their show in this particular hotel.

Some people just do not realize that it is not just about the amount, the number, the figures, and everything else similar. It is about the principle! To fight for what is right. Sabi nga nila, "Kapag may katwiran, ipaglaban mo!"

But frankly, when we check in at hotels, most of us watch the entertainment channels and less of the news channel. Most of the people who go on business or leisure trips rarely watch the news on TV, and are rarely inside their rooms for the whole day. After waking up, we brush our teeth, take a shower, wear our clothes for the day, and leave the room to take breakfast. We mostly come back at the end of the day.

Who will emerge as the winner from this war between a seemingly David Versus Goliath? Will it be the one who has the larger financial funding to waste on lawsuits? Or will it be the one who has the support of the Filipino masses? There has been an online call to boycott the hotel, and it has been trending on social networks.

It also reflects how strongly united we Filipinos are for supporting our very own, but is it really offering a good impression from the foreign guests who are somehow caught between the dispute?

It would be easier for Sofitel to just return the UNTV channel, but did UNTV exert a different effort before they decided to confront the hotel via mass humiliation? I may not know all the facts, but what I know is there may be one who would win in this struggle, but somehow I can't stop feeling that neither parties will actually benefit from all of these commotion.

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