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Sugarleaf Media Appreciation Day: Brimming with Healthy Living Products

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They say "health is wealth" and I have to strongly agree. If we would only have the discipline to eat healthy foods and stay away from the "junk food" which also includes all the harmful, artificially flavored and colored, processed with preservatives, excessively sweetened & salted, inorganic products, we may live a lifetime of healthy living with zero doctor and hospital visits. That's quite a lot of savings that, if accumulated within your lifetime, could very well mean more riches than you could ever imagine. Imagine the money we would have saved if only we didn't have to buy those medicines, and pay for those laboratory examination and doctors' fees.

It's too expensive to get sick these days and mostly all the diseases, and side effects come out at the later stages of our life. We'll soon realize we've done all wrong at a time when its all too late. Regrets come later in life and it is difficult to regain an already diminished health.

If only we followed the advise of the health and fitness gurus, if only we invested on that additional amount just to keep slim and sexy, if only, if only, if only....

The best way to stay at our best form is to eat organic foods and go on juice therapy. These healthy options are mostly available at all Sugarleaf stores - your one-stop shop for everything organic and healthy.

Thanks to the recent media appreciation day, we were all introduced to a lot of possible alternatives on how to improve our diet. It was greatly appreciated and highly welcomed.


My first stop at the event, from right to left of where I was standing, was the vegetable salad with organic vinegar dressings from Lolo Conching. I think that's the only time I was able to empty a plate of salad. The vinegar dressing perfectly matched the crunchiness of the cucumber, "singkamas", carrots and other veggies.

Then I tried the coconut nectar-sweetened fruit drink and coconut sugar sweetened rice cakes from Donnabelle. I must have went back there three times which means I liked it very much.

Before I could continue with the food tasting, the Sugarleaf's Marketing and Business Development head Angelo Narciso already started the program along with his co-host Rikka Infantado of Stars and Style. I was actually surprised when they started the program to award two early birds who arrived on or before the call time. Fortunately, I was one of the first who arrived and got to bring home three bottles of tasty treats namely pickled chili, Spanish-styled bangus and eight-spiced "tuyo" (dried fish) from Nene Prime Foods. I was grateful because the organizers recognized punctuality which is very rare nowadays because of the bad mentality called "Filipino time."

Angelo and Rikka led us around the many healthy living products on display and gave us a background on the many products they carry.

The other participants and I were chewing on the sweet potato and Taro chips from Nature Earth and the US-origin granola while we listened attentively and took photos.

Raffle prizes were also given away to lucky participants and imagine my name being called twice, first to win a big can of Broas - lady fingers made with free-range eggs from the purpose drive-farm in Quezon, and the second time to win three bottles of natural-flavored sea salt from Solaris. I guess they returned the names in the fish bowl again because there were a lot of prizes to be given away.

After the program, we then continued to go around the many booths to taste the remaining products. I was able to try the slow-juiced fruits and vegetables from Matstone,  the cream of brocolli soup and mango-guyabano raw vegan ice cream from Vitamix, the free-range chicken from Cenyu in bukidnon, organic Arabica coffee from Hineleban in Bukidnon, and the natural mango snacks from Gracias Foods. Each and everyone of these products were a pleasat alternative to the usual foods bloggers like me get to dine on. We usually get invited to many restaurants, events and gatherings so we appreciate it when the organizers serve healthy foods. But normally, the healthiest dish served during these occasions would be vegetable salads and a few assorted fruit slices.

Though we must admit that many of us favor the sweeter, saltier, and spicier dishes, it helps to remember to always regulate or gluttony or moderate our greed. Sometimes we get to be "takaw-mata" when we see a lot of food served at the buffet table that we tend to get a lot of everything, only to have a lot of left-overs for so many various reasons. That is why I always make it a point to get only up to three spoonful maximum of anything especially the new dishes that i haven't tried yet. I could always go back to the buffet table if ever I liked a particular dish. It's better than leaving other food to waste.

Pausing for awhile, because Angelo announced they will be giving away freebies for everyone, we were all amazed there were a lot of goodies from the participating brands. I should have brought a bigger bag to put the health and wellness products.

To continue, after I put down my freebies at one corner near where I was seated, I went to the remaining booths to try out the organic Aloe Vera chunks from Aloe Cure. It was mixed with mango juice so we can have an idea of the possible mixtures of the product. Take note that we also tried mixing the Aloe Vera chunks with the Malunggay juice from Nature Earth which was just next to the booth of Aloe Cure. Their Malunggay juice was mixed with "okra, luya at kalamansi". Do you know the first thing I did back home when I found out that there was a bottle of it among the freebies,  I immediately bought mango juice (since there was no sample Malunggay juice in the loot bag - hehehe  ...joke), mixed it with the Aloe Vera chunks, and shared it with my family. Wow! the entire pitcher was dropless in just a few minutes. My kids enjoyed it so much.

After a few photo ops at the photo booth, we then proceeded downstairs to attend the Juice Therapy workshop to be conducted by Rman Lorenzo from Juice Therapy PH.

The workshop was actually beyond just the basics of juicing as Rman introduced a lot of interesting information. We were then treated to a healthy dish made up of baked herb sweet potato, baked potato, caramelised onion, vegan chew butter, and multi-colored rice from Juice Therapy's detoxifying menu.

Overall, we learned that juicing is a science. You don't just put in the blender or juicier anything or everything that you think is healthy. There are more effective ways on how to get the nutrition from all of these fruits and vegetables, including herbs, so we could maximize getting the proper health and wellness formula.

More power to Sugarleaf for organizing an event that promotes organic and healthy products. I believe we all deserve to pamper ourselves with these better alternatives to improve diet y eating the right kind of food for a healthy and well-fit body.

A healthy body eventually progresses into a healthy mind, and thus a better outlook in life, since we are able to keep away from the harmful effects of poor and unhealthy meals. Thus, if I were you, I will start taking careful consideration of the foods that I eat so I could live a more rewarding life.

More photos of the products from the Media Appreciation Day event can be found at

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