Sunday, January 5, 2014

Entrepreneurship: My Ideal Kind of Business

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In these days, people need to be practical in their own ways to be able to have a stable life. By having a business, we need to be practical in this matter so that it will be a successful business.

My ideal kind of business is to have and to manage my own company. To start a business, you need to have the strength and the courage to have it. In a business you need to plan what kind of business you will do. You should aim to have success on your business. If you don’t aim to be a successful businessman or businesswoman, it’s better not to have business.

Business is like a game that is very exciting. You have fun in playing but there are times that you need to be serious because you need to have a successful work. You enjoy but still you need to work.

In the near future, I want to manage a company. In this company, I want to have it in a simple but it will lead me to have success in life. In starting a business, you need to have a desire, discipline and hard work. I believe that I can only have a business if I’ll be having positive interest and desire to know more about business.

In having a business, there will be the customers or the clients. They will be the one who will be the very important in your business. Your business will depend to the customers. There will be no business if there will no customers. They are the one that consumes or receive your products. In the part of the customer, they have the choices to choose of what product to consume. You need to have their heart in order for them to buy your product and recommend it to others. In a business, it’s not only the businessmen or businesswomen but also the customers have the important role.

Try to have your own business. I will give you tips on having a business; make sure that you really love what you are doing, improve your skills and knowledge about your business, have a friendly-user place to gain more clients or customers, make sure to make your customers happy with your business, don’t hire to many people and make sure to have good relationships with your co-workers and customers.

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  1. Good tips for the young generations who would venture into business someday. I felt the intense desire of the blogger to have her own in the future. I wish the blogger has mentioned the kind of business she wants to venture into someday. I agree with her that anyone who would try entrepreneurships should love what they're doing. It is the key to business success because greater ideas and creativeness is attained if we love what we're doing.
    The blog inspires me to try business also. I am also dreaming of becoming a millionaire someday. Well, it's time to think of what interests me this early. Start humbly, aim high, dream big, and do it.


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