Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Need to Masturbate : Unwritten Code Number Fapty-Five

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I have a question for guys: It's pretty understood that guys generally masturbate. But is it something you feel you *need* to do? Like you go crazy if you don't? Like you're addicted to something like cigarettes or Facebook and need to keep doing it? Or is it more like, social drinking, where if the opportunity's there, you'll do it—but you can just as easily say no?

I hope my parents won't read this.

Yep. It happened to me at some point in my life. I'm single, lonely, with only my right hand for company, alright? Don't judge me just yet. What do you expect me to do home-alone on a cold and rainy day with speedy net connection? play chess? nuh-uh.

When I was single, it kinda was a daily routine. Lets just say that I've secured the safety of my prostate for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time! LOL I understand that its a bit scandalous, however I don't like denying things that I did as I hate being labeled for things I don't do.

It's the Unwritten Code Number Fapty-Five. It's like eating Skyflakes when there's no food. You dig? If you have an able and willing partner then why settle...It is like watching a pirated movie/dvd...

There are people who feel a compulsion to masturbate, and there are those who, like other vices, do so out of boredom. How often? When feeling like it actually. It's a hormone thing. Also, it can be, in a way, an exercise to see if Kegels do pay off. Some people say that too much of fapping can lead to not lasting in bed though, so whatever.

I read on our textbook in Highschool that masturbation for males are necessary since we cannot "bleed out" like women, It's our way of menstruating...My science teacher told me that if young adults (teens) doesn't masturbate, their stomach will start aching the same way females do.
or pananakit nang puson...which I haven't experienced yet since.. you know... huehuehuehue....So it's an investment for my prostate's health and well being.

From a psychologist's point of view, the drive to masturbate -- borne from the more primal areas of the brain along with the drive to eat or drink -- is something that can often be superseded by other pursuits normally regulated by higher brain functions, such as a hobby or something else that keeps you busy or focused. There's a lot of truth in what they say about "fapping out of boredom".
It depends on every guy's libido. Though it's never really a need, more like an urge. It's a question of how long can I hold this urge in before I'd need to get it over with. And again, sometimes the sheer pleasure of Skyflakes is enough.


This is what happens when Mary Palmer and Pamela Handerson are all you've got!
If a guy, especially an adolescent, doesn't wank for too long (or not at all), wet dreams (nocturnal emissions) may occur to release the build-up, or generally just release, but this is not a sure thing either. Never happened to me, so I can't say much else about it.

But then again, it REALLY depends on the biology of the man/boy/guy. Like I know this guy in high school who just REALLY would rather play with himself all day than do some other shitty thing in class. And it also depends on how much activity the guy is doing -- on my busiest moments, I can go for a week without even considering it.

Pleasureeeeeeee. "There's no crime in giving yourself over to pleasure." -Frank N Furter.

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