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Let's Have Fun at Mount Fuji!

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Wazzup Pilipinas!

     We can't call Japan by Japan if Mount Fuji is excluded. Mount Fuji is one of the most important historical landmarks in Japan. I am here to present to you some trivias and facts about, the one and only Mount Fuji! But before that, I will also provide some pictures in order for you to understand what I'm saying. So, lets get started!

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     First, as you can see at the animation above, you can see a 3D version view of the beautiful and tall Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji is also known for its almost perfect volcanic cone, surrounded by white snow. If you can imagine that you're on top of the Mount Fuji, it's so cold in there, but really fun! Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain at Japan, measuring 12,389 feet! Wow, you can see the whole Japan in there!

     Another trivia, Japanese people or Nihonjins also call it "Fuji-san" as if it was their dear old friend. That's why I really love these people because even the said thing has no life in it, they give it it's own life by respecting every amount in it. I really appreciate it! Nowadays, 600,000 people in estimate climb Fuji-san every year, so that's a big evidence that it's really fun in Mount Fuji!

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     Mount Fuji is located at Honshu, Japan, where we will also see several bridges that is connecting it to Shikoku such as Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, and the Onaruto Bridge. If I am leaving near the Mount Fuji, I will make my life the most exciting ever. It's a heartbloomer if I am given a chance to climb at Mount Fuji with my beloved family and friends. I'm sure it will make my life a new inspiration saying "Someday, I will be as high as this mountain, I assure you that!" It makes my feelings high if I'm shouting at a really high place and Mount Fuji is one of my targets!

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     The most exciting highlight in Mount Fuji for me is its sunrise beside the snowy-capped mouth of the mountain. As you can see at the picture above, it's what you will see every 4:00am-5:00am. Can you imagine that if you are leaving in here, every morning you will see a very beautiful view of the sunrise! For me, it's nice! What can you tell about this picture? Comment below.

     Exciting questions: 
     How do you think of this view?
     If you were living in here, what would you feel? Feel free to express in the comment box!

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     After the sunrise, we also have the moon beside the Mount Fuji! Exciting! After working, traveling, learning, and classes, you can stare at this very beautiful site. If I were you, I would say: "Nice view after I work so hard." Really inspiring huh? That's why I chose this place as my most favorite landmark in Japan!

     Exciting questions:
     What do you prefer if you have to choose one? Moon beside the mountain or sun beside the mountain?
     What do you think is the feeling if you were living near the mountain seeing the moon beside it?
     Comment below!

     I hope you all have fun after I gave some trivias about Mount Fuji, this is my motto for this article: "Keep Calm and Love Fuji-san." So long, and see you for the next articles!

     Contributed by: Rafael John A. Balayo II

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  1. Nice work. Always remember to "Keep Calm and Love Fuji-san."

  2. You have a nice article right there. :)

  3. Reading this article now makes me want to go to Japan RIGHT NOW ahahaha. But seriously, Mt. Fuji is one of the places I want to see if ever I get to go to Japan. Thanks for giving more insight on this!

  4. This article is very informational. And to answer your questions, I would prefer the moon beside the mountain since I'm a night person and living near the mountain, savoring the view of the moon would be a great experience! Awesome Article!


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