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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Land of the Rising Sun vs Pearl of the East

Credits to www.guardian.co.uk

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It's Japanese vs Filipino Culture. I know that most are already familiar with the differences about Japan's and Philippine's culture when it comes to foods, ways of greeting, and education. Well for me, I can somehow say that I am interested in fashions from different countries. Obviously, I chose Japanese clothing vs Filipino clothing.

The traditional wear for women of Japan is kimono. Kimono is generally made of silk, have large sleeves and reach from the shoulders all the way down to the heels. It is tied with a wide belt called an obi. Nowadays, kimonos are used for special occasions such as weddings, festivals, graduations, and other rare gatherings. The kimono tends to limit one's movement, and it takes more time to put on properly.

In the summer, however, a more easily worn, lightweight informal kimono known as a yukata is worn by children and young adults at festivals, fireworks displays, and other special occasions. In everyday life, though, young people tend to prefer clothing that is easier to move around in, like T-shirts, jeans, polo shirts, and sweat suits.



Japanese women wear kimono along with kind of hairpin that is used to hold a woman's hairdo in place. The appearance, nature and color of this hair ornament changes in accordance to the month or season of the year. It is usually sported by geishas and maikos, since they wear it more often.

(c) http://gwomatsuri.blogspot.com/2010_08_02_archive.html
I can't deny that I admire their way of clothing. Maybe it's because I'm fond of watching anime and anime characters really look oh so kawaii when they wear their kimonos.

Although most have the familiarity about our culture when it comes to our clothing it's about time to have a look at it.

Our national costume are baro't saya for women and barong tagalog for men.

Baro is the top while the saya is the skirt. Barong tagalog is an embroidered formal attire. It is very lightweight and worn untucked, over an undershirt. These two attires are commonly worn in weddings, christening, graduations, and other special occassions.

Barong Tagalog (c) http://emmblu.wordpress.com/2010/12/05/the-barong-tagalog-as-a-symbol-of-pride/

Baro't saya (c) http://www.flickr.com/photos/angeles_xtra/5394142711/

In spite of the differences, respect should be properly given of attention. Things were created the way they should be. Each has a purpose why it is created. Japan and Philippines are countries both from Asia but have many contrasts.

Going back, now that you have an idea about their culture in clothing. Which would you choose? The one from the Land of the Rising Sun or from the Pearl of the East?


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