Sunday, January 27, 2013

Entrepreneurship on the Verge of a Threat

This might just kill entrepreneurship in the country..

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) will hold operators of buy-and-sell websites liable for any entrepreneur who makes money online without first registering with the bureau and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

“We will file cases against sellers who fail to issue receipts and pay taxes, but we will also file cases against the websites which provide such service,” BIR Commissioner Kim Jacinto-Henares said.

She said website operators engaged in buy and sell are similar to that of mall operators that allow entrepreneurs to lease a commercial space in their establishments.

BIR: We can go after Sulit, AyosDito and YOU for unregistered, untaxed online sales

Just when everything gets cooler then government pull off yet another "disappointer".

 'Sadly' enough this is not the Government creating a new law. If they did, we always had the Supreme Court as option.

This is merely an influential person who has made bullying the budding online sector her preferred occupation. Even sadlier [sic] is that lack of competence does not make Ms. Henares impeachable.

you guys can organize a forum with other players and possibly BIR to drum up info and clarification on matter. Lots of small sellers here aside from the platform companies.Just like FOI, people need to band together. For Ebay US they impose at least a ceiling - USD20K per year or more than 200 listings before a seller can be taxed. It's also the responsibility of the seller to apply the tax on the purchase, not eBay. They also have compliant tax computation software for sellers. Just some thoughts. I sell online intermittently and was planning to relaunch my store. 

DCOM will be having a meeting this Friday to discuss this. Our goal is to get the major players on the same page and engage with BIR.

Hope we can have a public forum open to sellers also. 

Everything seems vague. Will they also ran after people who sell their old stuff online? I think the BIR is barking at the wrong tree. They should start running after those who benefit from gov't. services without paying taxes.

Buy and sell websites are classified ad services. They are no mall that sellers "rent" space from. So lame of BIR to pass the burden to website owners.

*credits to the online peeps 

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