Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ainol Novo 10 Hero : Best Ainol Tablet ... So Far

Ainol Novo10 Hero so far is the best release of Ainol... As in 0 known bugs and issues...

Very recommended... Although there's some sacrifice in specs if we compare it to Ainol Novo7 Flame...

#1 Stripped down Cameras.. 0.3MP Front / 2.0MP Rear without FLASH
#2. No more Light Sensor.
#3. No more build sturdiness. Leather-Case is a MUST.

But overall build quality is very impressive..

Novo10 Hero works very well.. no issues, no hiccups, no wi-fi problem, no overheating. Just plain beautiful. Whereas, Novo7 Fire (Flame) has to run with very strictly chosen firmware like Feiyu-10.31-QM/TM to run smoothly. However, some issues like popping sounds are still there but is now reduced. This is coming from my own hands-on experience of both..

It can handle graphics intensive games, so far. But it can get a bit hot (but again no overheating). Video watching is also great - no skipped frames so far. I've yet to test the HDMI so you guys might want to wait for feedback on that one.

I'm also using it as a torrent machine and pdf/comic book reader. I read a lot of med related books and it can get pretty pic intensive and I haven't encountered any problems yet. If you have time, go to the show room and tinker with it. I think I drove my friends crazy this past week just going to Apple and Samsung stores to pit the hero against the iPad, Tab and Note. So far, I'm happy with my purchase.

Finished installing essential apps and casual games and tested every function of the Tablet...

1. WiFi Works like charm... No disruption or low connectivity issues... Accelerometer & G-Sensor works too.
2. Battery definitely last longer after a full charge... No incorrect Battery Meter issue... No heating up while Charging.
3. Both of Cameras works fine... Just don't forget to carefully remove the plastic cover on Rear Cam...
4. Minimal to NO Backlight Bleeding and NO Dead Pixel... 10pt. TouchScreen Sensitivity is fluid smooth...
5. Stereo Speakers are incredible... Great Audio Clarity and Quality... Although the built-in MIC records a little bit low but decent enough quality...
6. Build Quality is awesome although some part produce usual creaking sounds but I guess They can bear with that...
7. Apps compatibility on JellyBean aren't in full scale yet... Twitter is not compatible...
8. Games compatibility on JellyBean are same on above, except for casual games...
9. It runs on Android JellyBean 4.1.1 with build date 2012-10-31... I did not update as it seems functioning well... I also found no way to root this Tablet except Upgrading to 2012-11-15 Firmware...
10. HDMI port, USB port, Earphone port, Charging port and Storage Expansion Slot works well too...

Overall, the Ainol Novo10 Hero Tablet is an AWESOME Tablet and definitely worth its price... 

Are you planning to buy Ainol Novo Tablets with Action-Semi ATM7029?

I don't intend to discredit Ainol for moving into QuadCore Cortex-A9 Tablet, but choosing Action-Semi ATM7029 will be a DISASTER.


#1. It has the worst DualCore Graphics Processing Unit or GPU called Vivante GC1000. This GPU performance has barely surpass a SingleCore Mali-400 GPU. Plus it is unknown to Game Devs. so don't expect compatibility as-well on Heavy 3D Games.

#2. Action-Semi chipset is really not so popular. Haven't seen any Smartphone or Tablet manufacturer using or planning to use their products except for Ainol. Software support is still unknown which is a huge threat to Firmware Devs. and maybe for Ainol Software Engineer as-well. Not only that, performance is also unknown.

So don't be fooled on what you see on paper. Research before you buy.

My most recommended Chipset for Tablets are:

#1. Nvidia Tegra 3 - some China MID brands are planning to build a Tablet using this chipset. It may not be cheap but surely it will be great).

#2. Samsung Exynos 4412 - there are already China MID brands like Ramos and FreeLander are offering Tablet with this chipset. Although the price are still $250.00 or more, but I guess it'll subside in due time.

#3. Allwinner A31 - this one is new and has few information except it has a stunning OctalCore SGX543 MP*8 GPU. Some China MID brands are already on their way building Tablet with this chipset like Onda and Ampe.

#4. RockChip RK3066 - this is well tested. Good Kernel Support, Great Mali-400 MP*4 GPU @ 266MHz, No Overheating issue and Power Efficient. It became very popular to Tablet.

#5. AMLogic 8726-M6 - although it has poor reputation under IceCreamSandwich 4.0 OS, it was a totally different chipset on JellyBean 4.1 OS. Its fine on my Bro.-in-Law's Ainol Novo10 Hero. It has Mali-400 MP*2 GPU @ 400MHz which is doing fine on Heavy 3D Games

#6. FreeScale I.MX6Q - it has a QuadCore Vivante GC2000, which is still not recommended for Gamers. Also, some feedback says it has poor Power Efficiency.

*credits to ivan_lee05 of TPC

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