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Guardian Cross for iOS

Guys, try guardian cross for IOS. Its a free trading card game. It's similar to Pokemon wherein you capture monsters and do battle (without the cuteness). Its developed by square so production quality is high.

Hiroyuki Ito revolutionized Final Fantasy with the Active Time Battle system. Now, Ito is taking a stab at changing card battling games with Guardian Cross. Akira Oguro, character designer on Final Fantasy IV: The After Years and Final Fantasy: Dimensions, designed characters for Guardian Cross too. Final Fantasy XI composer Naoshi Mizuta made music for the game.

In Guardian Cross, players tame Guardians using a magic rifle. Then you can train Guardians and put them in a deck to battle other players. Guardian Cross has over 180 different Guardians in the game and some of them look a lot like their Final Fantasy equivalent.

Guardian Cross is available as a free download for iOS devices.


Download for free!

Some guide for beginners. (from Guardian Cross forum)

~Card Basics
~Leveling Guardians
~Experience Points Chart
~Guardian Points
~Friend Points

Some quick bullet point tips that I'd like to share to be efficient in Guardian Cross... ***= need more information, uncertain

Card Basics:
-HP = Hit Points
-Attack = Measures Physical Damage Damage = attack x (1 + ability ± Buff / De-buff) x affinity/attribute(±15%) - Defence / 2
(Ability = +1:0.065 +2:0.12 +3:0.25 +4:0.5)
-Agility = Determines which Guardian attacks first (very important when it comes to one-hitting battles)
-Defense = Reduces Physical Damage (formula ***)
-Wisdom = Measures Non-Physical Damage and Reduces Non-Physical(Magic) Damage

Ace............ 110% on all stats
Cool........... 100% on all stats
Powerful..... 110% on Attack, but 90% on Agility
Intelligent.... 110% on Wisdom, but 90% on Defense
Chaotic....... 110% on HP, but 90% on Wisdom
Brave..........110% on Defense, but 90% on MP
Sexy........... 110% on MP, but 90% on HP
Fast............ 110% on Agility, but 90% on Attack

TYPE         HP             MP          ATTACK      DEFENSE    AGILITY     WISDOM

Ace            110            110            110            110            110            110

Cool           100            100            100            100            100            100

Powerful     100            100            110            100            90              100

Intelligent   100            100            100            90             100             110

Chaotic       110            100           100            100            100             90

Brave          100             90            100            110            100            100

Sexy             90            110           100            100            100             100

Fast            100            100            90             100            110            100   

Leveling Guardians:
- learn hunting efficiently, my average is 13 Guardians per hunt, my highest is 16... do not miss your shots, when you are reloading, search for other monsters and scroll quickly and control your excitement because you got +10 second extra lol
- focus on one guardian at a time
- be mindful of its attribute and combine with the corresponding type
-1 star gives less exp than 2 and 2 than 3, using two 1 star exp is the same as giving one 2 star card, it goes the same for 2, for 3 and 4 stars
- if you are a thrifty Guardian Points spender, better for you to use 2 stars and sell all your 1 stars
- combine the same card with the same card ex: Slime 1* (Base card) + Slime 1* (Sacrificial card) = +1 level *** (haven't tested on a high level card)
- use magic stones

Experience Points Per Stars Attributes Same Kind and Silver Slimes:

Guardian Points:
-continue with the quests, and do sub-missions for Recovery Potions
-if you do not have to use the Recovery Potions, try to save them for later uses, i like to use one or two when I am in a sub-mission and close to leveling

Friend Points:
-level up your character to gain more friend slots
-more friend slots means more friends, more friends = +50 FP
-add people who seem active and make business with them
-mock-battle to gain 3-5 FP daily

-be aware of the party position of the general populace in the Coliseum. If you are just beginning and middle, most players have their most powerful guardian in the first slot, but towards the top 100~ the party position starts to vary
-a tactical retreat is a good idea if you happen to doubt your party's strength against an average attack of 1100, determine how much chain time left and strengthen your guardians!
-time your coliseum tickets so you can continue to chain and chain
-be aware of your Guardian's abilities and position them accordingly (thanks the info from other players in this forum, naga and hydra has revive abilities that you could take advantage of to wear off your opponent's mp or position your weaker monsters on the first 2-3 slots then strike with your attacker)

Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Wind, Poison, Death, Mecha, Light, Darkness

                    Strong Against                Weak Against
Fire.............. Wind/Death .................. Water/Light
Water............ Fire/Mecha .................. Lightning/Poison
Earth............. Lightning/Poison ........... Wind/Darkness
Lightning........ Water/Mecha ............... Earth/Lightning
Wind.............. Earth/Darkness ............. Fire/Death
Light.............. Fire/Lightning ............. Mecha/Darkness
Darkness......... Earth/Light ................. Wind/Poison
Death............. Wind/Poison ................ Fire/Mecha
Mecha............. Death/Light ................ Water/Lightning
Poison............. Water/Darkness ........... Earth/Death

Just want to emphasize that hunting efficiently, party positioning, and trading with other players is important in Guardian Cross. Little bit more difficult to play on the iPhone than on the iPad.

Guardian Skills - General

Guardians’ skills, or abilities, are casted using MP. There are a total of 5 skill categories: Buffs, Debuffs, Regenerations, Physical Attacks, and Elemental Attacks.

Buffs are skills that boost a single attribute of your Guardian (ATK, DEF, AGI, or WIS) by 10% or 20%. Effects of buffs do NOT carry over to the next Guardian in your party. Also, buffs will not be casted again after revival if the Guardian has Revival skill.

Buff skills can be stacked. For example, Might (ATK+10%) + Greater Might (ATK+20%) = ATK+30%

Debuffs are skills that lower a single attribute of your opponent’s Guardian (ATK, DEF, AGI, or WIS) by 20%. Effects of debuffs do NOT carry over to the opponent’s next Guardian. Same as buffs, debuffs will not be casted again after revival if the Guardian has Revival skill.

There are 5 Regen skills: Life Drain (HP absorption), Energy Drain (MP absorption), Heal (HP recovery), Greater Heal (HP great recovery), and Revival (reappear once after death). The strength of Life Drain depends on ATK, and the strength of Energy Drain depends on WIS. Revival only has a certain chance of happening in battles.

Physical Attacks
Physical Attacks do NOT equal to normal attacks. They consume MP too, but their strength depends on ATK. There are 8 Physical Attack skills ranging from +1 to +4, called “Strong Physical +?”. The larger the number is, the stronger it is.

Note: Cross Slash (Strong Physical +2) has additional effect of AGI debuff to opponent. Heavy Blow (Strong Physical +2) has additional effect of DEF debuff to opponent.

Elemental Attacks
Like Physical Attack skills, Elemental Attack skills have strength ranging from +1 to +4. With a total of 8 Element types, there are 32 skills (There’s no Death, Mecha, and None element attacks). Elemental Attack skills are dependent upon WIS. 


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